The NATO Military Liaison Office in Belgrade (MLO) acts as a link between the Serbian Authorities and NATO.

The office assists the Serbian Authorities to further conduct the ongoing Defense Reform and develops their links with NATO, within the framework of the Individual Partnership Action Plan (IPAP) and, when appropriate, advises them on various aspects of the Security Sector Reform (SSR).
As required, the MLO carries other supporting tasks, such as those related to:

NATO’s Tailored Cooperation Program with Serbia;

the Defense Reform Group;

the public diplomacy area, at the request of the NATO Contact Point Embassy (CPE) in Belgrade or NATO.
The NATO Military Liaison Office in Belgrade is a vital contact point between the Serbian Ministry of Defense and NATO since its establishment in December 2006.
The office facilitates Serbian cooperation with NATO under the Partnership for Peace Program and supports Serbia’s efforts in matters of defense sector reform through a joint Serbia-NATO Defense Reform Group. 
The MLO also provides assistance to NATO’s public diplomacy activities in the region, and serves as a link with the military authorities of Serbia on the practical aspects of the implementation of the Transit Agreement.